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Next few days are behind now, and I must say, this #learnbruary experience is still a blast.

Learning and programming Erlang is a pretty great experience that I would recommend every developer to try out for themselves. I feel like I am learning so much for my everyday work, just by having this little project.

This time I finished up word counting, some command handles on switching channels on IRC, and took a detour in creating a little Point handling bot for a twitch channel. It was pretty straightforward, and it was totally fun to have this little sidetour, to make something quick, and check my skills in erlang.

Sofar the best ressources to learn were the LearnYouSomeErlang book (with a great website), and a book I ordered off Amazon by Joe Armstrong. Also just fumbling around in the erlang shell helps with learning the basics. And, at last, having a project with a definite outcome helps tremendously staying on track and learning along it’s way.

I am sure my erlang code is pretty subpar, and leaves a lot of room for improvements, but I learn to use it, to debug it, to deal with it on an every day basis, and I just familiarize myself with it.

So far so good I must say this #learnbruary experience was a great idea. Let’s see what the next few days will bring.

Btw. you can see the latest progress of the code in this github repository.