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So over the last few days I started a new initiative I called #learnbruary. For this event you pick something up that you can not do, and that is something different than your usual stuff you keep doing all day, and you learn about it throughout February.

And the premise is to learn it, and show it off. Either share it with blog posts, or show what you did. It’s all about learning, and being excited about it.

So here is my statement

For my #learnbruary experience I chose to learn Erlang. A concurrency enabled, ultra reliable functional programming language with a tough syntax, a hard entry curve, but some pretty cool features.

As I checked the language out throughout the last evenings, I must say, this seems to be some pro developer stuff. Tough syntax:

% this returns a list of all even numbers between 1 and 8
% and multiplies them by 2
[X * 2 || X <- [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8], X rem 2 == 0].

But some pretty cool features like:

  • Pattern matching
  • Immutable variables
  • Concurrency
  • Hard to learn

So yeah. I am gonna learn me some Erlang and hopefully will also write about my experience with it.

My goal

My goal is to write a little irc bot that jumps around throughout chats, and reads some stuff, does some research (of not currently defined kind), and maybe even chats around. I also want to involve twitter somehow, maybe reading, but definitely writing some stuff out to twitter.

I just want to have something that just runs, and that I can watch, and see where it lands a few months in.

I’ll figure out the details in the next few days.