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# Alright, a few more days have passed, and nothing major can be said. I implemented some more features for the irc bot, learned a few kinks here and there about erlang, nothing major though. I seem to get more and more familiar around erlang code in total, and know how to read the API documentation, and how to find help with problems. This is a major plus, as you need this stage to start doing more important stuff.

Now, as the month slowly approaches an end, and I seem to have stagnated with learning more about the language, I’m gonna dive into OTP, and true concurrency with erlang. There ARE some few functions left to explore in the ircbot project, and maybe these are key for having the bot crash proof, IF it happens to crash (as it does now and then).

If not, I’ll try to make it crash proof, so these things don’t matter anymore. I think this should be a nice final touch for the bot.